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Jack Daniel’s Old No.7
Brand: Jack Daniel’s1litre
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Jack Daniel`s is a whisky brand from Tennessee,America.

Its founder Jasper Newton `Jack` Daniel was born in mid 1850s and his birthday is celebrated every September by the company.

Jack ran away from home after the death of his father as he wasn?t in good terms with his stepmother,his mother passed away when he was very young.

He was taken in by a local distiller and preacher and this is definitely where he developed his knowledge and passion in distillation.When he won a case on his rightful inheritance from his father,he established a distillery to further his skill and passion.His partner,Call,who had taken him in after he was orphaned, later quit citing religious reasons.The distillery was reportedly established in 1866.The year is still ?inscribed on the present day Jack Daniel`s Old no. 7 bottle.

There is no record of Jack Daniel`s being married or having children of his own,perhaps that`s why he took his nephews, Lemuel and Motlow,to help him run the affairs of the distillery.

In 1907,Jack handed the distillery to the two nephews due to his poor health,Motlow soon bought out Lemuel and continued to run the distillery for over 40 years.

It is produced in Lynchburg in a distillery owned by the Brown-Forman Corporation since the mid 1950s.

The?Jack Daniel`s whisky?brand classifies it`s drinks as Tennessee whisky.Other whisky regulations would classify a Tennessee whisky as bourbon whisky.

The Jack Daniel`s Brand has several whisky brands including;

Jack Daniel`s Sour Mash(Also called the Jack Daniel`s Old No. 7,this is the oldest and most popular bottle of the brand)
Gentleman Jack
Jack Daniel`s Silver Select
Jack Daniel`s Single Barrel
Jack Daniel`s Tennessee Fire.(The first of?Jack Daniel`s flavours?in Kenya,this whisky is cinnamon flavoured)
?At?GoBEBA,Jack Daniel`s Old No. 7 is available in 1litre,700ml and 4.5litres.

Jack Daniel`s price in Kenya is Ksh.3,199.

The Old no. 7 and the tennessee fire are packaged in square bottles which may look similar except for the dominant colors on the packaging;red for the?Jack Daniel`s Fire,?and black for the Sour Mash.

?The?Jack Daniel`s Old no 7?draws its name from the registration number assigned to the distillery by the government upon licensing.However,the map of the district where the distillery was located was annexed and the number of the distillery changed to 16,however the whisky was still marketed under the same No. 7 as they had already created a huge reputation before the annexation.

?It is also one of the most popular whiskies at?GoBEBA?and in Kenya.

The?price for Jack Daniel`s whisky in Kenya is Ksh.3199?for the 1litre and Jack Daniel`s 700ml is Ksh.3000

?One of the milestones that threw more light to the brand was when the distillery received an award for the finest whisky in 1904.

?The company argues that the fact that they grind their charcoal before filtration and this is what differentiates Tennessee whisky from Bourbon Whisky.

?Jack Daniel`s Old no. 7?has an alcohol percentage of 40% and? is also the top-selling?American whiskey?in the world.

Jack Daniel’s Old No.7


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